Sockwell Announces Help on the Way for Healthcare Heroes’ Feet

Chattanooga manufacturer that gave COVID-19 workers a ‘Sock Drawer Makeover’ now donating sales proceeds to Americares, alleviating long hours spent on their feet.

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (May 26, 2020) – Sockwell, a local company that makes industry-leading graduated compression socks with beautiful designs used by essential workers that spend most of their days on their feet, has partnered with Americares to support healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Americares is a 4-star nonprofit organization that is double-matching donations to put PPE, medicine, and desperately needed supplies in the hands of healthcare workers that need it the most.


Sockwell began in 2011 and continues to stand behind their promise to use American sheep farmers for merino wool as well as American manufacturing, paving the way for the industry’s best graduated compression socks with uplifting, beautiful designs and colors. Synthetic socks are prone to transferring moisture from the foot to the shoe, causing odor and discomfort, while cotton soaks up moisture that can cause poor temperature regulation and blisters. Sockwell knew our feet deserved better. So, they created a custom yarn blend of fine merino wool and bamboo rayon to absorb and evaporate moisture, which prevents blistering, controls odor, regulates temperature, and keeps feet dry. In addition, graduated compression is beneficial for minimizing swelling and reducing fatigue for teachers, nurses, medical professionals, travelers, and anyone who wants to Feel Better in Style.


“Our company strives to support healthcare professionals since healthcare staff work long hours that call for them to be on their feet almost constantly,” says Jim Markley, Partner at Sockwell. “Our nation’s attention is currently focused on those tirelessly serving on the frontlines, risking their own health shift after shift to protect and care for all of us. We knew we had to do something to serve this community that means so much to all of us at Sockwell.”


This led to Sockwell’s launch of the Honor Our Heroes campaign, which gave a Sock Drawer Makeover to a different healthcare worker every day for a full month. Additionally, after 6,000 entries, two grand prize winners, both of whom are nurses, also received graduated compression socks for their entire nursing units. 


Following the Honor our Heroes campaign, Sockwell was moved to continue its service to the healthcare community by giving 10% of all sales from to Americares for a full month. 


“At Sockwell, we stand for wellness for the consumer, the community, and the planet. We’ve made the choice to invest in American sheep farmers for our wool and support the revival of the American textile industry by making all our products in the USA––by the way, the best graduated compression socks in the market,” says Mercedes Marchand, VP of Design and Merchandising. “We know our customers will join us on this journey by buying our beloved socks in order to help us give back and provide a little more comfort to our heroes working on the frontlines.”


For a complete list of products and to make a purchase that will donate to Americares, visit 


To learn more about this campaign visit

“Our company strives to support healthcare professionals since healthcare staff work long hours that call for them to be on their feet almost constantly,”

Jim Markley, Partner at Sockwell

About Sockwell 


Sockwell set the industry standard by creating the original graduated compression sock with beautiful, uplifting designs and colors combined with luxurious fiber function. They are committed to supporting our community by sustainably sourcing fibers right here in the USA. The merino wool in Sockwell’s custom yarn blends come from local, American farmers to fulfill their promise to stand for wellness for the consumer, community, and our beautiful planet. Sockwell socks are made with love in Southeastern USA knitting mills, located in Tennessee, North Carolina, and Alabama. The socks are then warehoused in Chattanooga, Tennessee before distributing them all across the world. For more information, visit

PHOTO CAPTION: Some of the healthcare workers that won Honor our Heroes giveaway.


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